Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Resolutions: A Blank Board?

Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account...Oscar Wilde

New Year's is a harmless annual institution, of no particular use to anybody. Along with the provision of nice parties, it has become customary to make a nice wish list also called NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. These range from promising to exercise regularly and loose weight, to being honest, be good to others, quit smoking/drinking, work harder, relax more etc. Many will vouch for change in the arriving year but how many of them do actually keep their promise?

The responsibility and capability for change lie within the person. The fact of the matter is that reward/hope of a positive outcome should be ingrained within the act that one is trying to achieve, i.e. the changed state brings pleasure or makes one feel significant. The motive for change should come from within. If external factors are the driving force, it doesnt last too long. The promise for change should be to ourselves and not to the new years! This is simply a slippery seduction. The key element of transformation is a clear and firm decision to change.There is truth to the saying that we can "talk ourselves into" a change. If I say it, and no one has forced me to say it, then I must believe it! And the way to get started is to quit claiming and begin doing.

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions!


  1. So My New Years Resolution is... NOT TO MAKE ANY MORE RESOLUTIONS.

  2. As an individual i totally agree with u Aleem but when it comes to people around me its difficult to make everyone understand that to get started is to quit claiming and begin doing. well i have seen a person quit smoking as he made that a new yr. resolution n after a year he actually got rid of that bad habit so its nt even bad if it helps people to make themself strong fr what they try but couldn't follow in daily routine. if someone makes a new year resolution n follow that fr a yr then automatically it comes into the persons habit....Well as i always believe that we can change our habits nt nature n if new year resolution helps in making good habits then its justified.Well what u say................

  3. Good to hear some alternate points in ur views, it helps broaden the perspective.
    On the above question I say this...
    "Thats very good if one can quit like that, but what proportion of people have been this serious... of all the people that u knew, u could find only one, most others did not. Also we have to look for the real motivation, I am sure it must be much more beyond the new year resolution. It is highly desirable if one can change for good at new years.
    My objection is the way in which this concept is marketed, as if it is an obligatory routine to be followed... asking, telling and discussing it as a sacrosanct modality."

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  5. If we want to change something in our life, what's the point to wait for a new year to go for it? Every day counts.

  6. Thanks Lena for ur comments. Every day counts, and every moment is 'colorful'.

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