Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy ............ day!

Birthdays make us feel special, and anniversaries bring back the joy (or the sorrows) of our past. Parties are good fun to have, socialize and diversify.
But for this, why the need of some specific excuse which really serves as no better than a nomenclature of sorts. What of the rest of 364 days?
I have always been wondering, what is the importance of so called “special” days in our life? In fact I find myself in minority when I say all days are equal for me, I don’t want birthdays or anniversaries to be celebrated. Consider exchanging gifts on one day (anniversary) and brickbats most of the year. Celebrating a theme for a day and then forgetting it (or putting on reminder for next year) seems a show off, plastic and banal (retarded at times!). Each theme is for every day to enjoy, rather than to compartmentalise it to “those” days.
So enjoy every moment. And HappyEveryday!


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  2. Well.. i do not agree. Everyday cannot be the same. Today there might be an up, tomorrow a down. But birthdays and anniversaries are like milestones that we achieve and for every person it is diff. That is what makes one diff from the other. It celebrates the whole of past year, a summary of the before, and gives hope for the future, and makes us do the countdown for the next big day. This itself gives me joy!

  3. I fully agree to what u say. But my point is... why to restrict to self imposed milestones, when u can generalise it all over, make all days happy.