Sunday, May 29, 2011

Depressed? Dont be.

We all at some point in life we all have had periods of feeling blue. The feeling persists till the time the desired goal is not achieved or some compromise is done. Depression is a feeling state which persists over a long period of time causing disturbance in thinking, behaviour, feeling, biological functions, interpersonal relations and psychosocial functioning.

Depression is such a common problem that sometimes it is referred to as common cold of psychiatry. The depression may be unipolar or bipolar. It may be endogenous or exogenous. The cause may be either internal or external. There is imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain. Sometimes the environmental conditions may be so harsh that inability to cope up may result in depression. The range of severity may differ from mild, moderate to severe. There may be prolonged periods of feeling sad, loss of interest in the self, world and the environment. There may be severe loss of energy and initiative taking. The guilt feelings can be extreme. The perception of the world becomes negative. Biological functions like sleep, appetite and sexual performance may deteriorate and in the extreme state, suicide may be sought. In psychotic depression, there may be extreme immobility and the patients may experience hallucinations and delusions as well. The contact with reality may be lost.

The treatment depends upon the severity of the condition. There are a lot of misconceptions ignorance and regarding treatment leading to a lot of unnecessary suffering and loss of productive time. Depression is not because of lack of effort from the patient. Don’t get angry if the person cannot be positive despite ‘instructions’.
In mild or moderate depression, the patient is managed either with Medications or Psychotherapies, with medications becoming more important as the severity increases. In severe depression, hospitalisation may be required whereby the patient is managed with medications. The medications given are very safe and effective if taken under proper supervision. These do not cause dullness and do not make a person lethargic. These are also not addicting or causing dependence. And the treatment results are most encouraging.

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